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Piston Bin Operation Videos

These videos show the operation of the Low Viscosity Piston Bin.  This demonstration uses a shop-vac to simulate the action of a positive displacement pump.

Durability and Handling Videos

These videos show the toughness and long-term durability of the polyethylene Low Viscosity Piston Bin. With reasonable care, customers have found the useful life of poly piston bins to be at least 15 years.

Pump Setup and Video

Pump selection is important. Pumps must be positive displacement, such as reciprocating, diaphragm or gear pumps. They should be mounted close to River City Bins so that the distance does not exceed 18″ or 1/2 meter.  All fittings must be tight and secure to eliminate air leaks. It is very helpful to mount the pump on a movable base with wheels or casters to allow for easier hook-up. Pump speed is also an important consideration when discharging viscous products. Pumps should be run as slowly as possible to fully load on each stroke.

It is very important to discuss the pump setup or lay-out prior to installation. We have worked with several major pump companies, and the experience we have gained can be very useful in getting the proper design at the beginning of each project. In many cases, modification of drum pumps is possible to hook-up to our system. In some situations, new pumps may have to be purchased. Please contact us for further information.

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