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High Viscosity Containers

300 Gallon Stainless Steel Low-Pressure Piston Bin for high viscosity products from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 centipoise

The stainless piston bin is similar to the River City bin that has been used for over ten years with heavy and thick silicone adhesives. It is a proven design that effectively self-cleans the bin so that it does not have to be opened or cleaned. The lid can be opened, if necessary, for maintenance or inspection, by simply removing the clamp ring. The bin uses up to 12 psi to push very thick materials such as silicone caulk into a pump. This updated version uses our polyethylene piston in the stainless tank to reduce cost and save on weight. It fits side by side in standard 20′ and 40′ ISO shipping containers. Our unique volume measurement system uses powerful magnets attached to the top of the piston to attract and hold a small orange magnet that floats in a clear plastic tube outside the tank. The small orange magnet follows the piston up and down showing the amount of material left in the bin.

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PISTON TECHNOLOGY CONTAINERS Solutions for high viscosity products


  Low Viscosity
Piston Bin
Medium Viscosity
Piston Bin
High Viscosity
Piston Bin
up to
0 – psi 6 – psi 12 – psi
Tank polyethylene polyethylene/steel stainless steel
Piston polyethylene polyethylene polyethylene
Seals Buna-N Buna-N Buna-N
Volume 400 Gallons
(1500 liters)
300 Gallons
(1100 liters)
300 Gallons
(1100 liters)
Size – Base 48″ sq x 81″ h
(122cm x 206cm)
46″ sq x 88″ h
(117cm x 224cm)
46″ sq x 88″ h
(117cm x 224cm)
Top 51″ dia.
46″ dia.
46″ dia.
Tare weight 320 lbs.
(145 kgs)
625 lbs.
(284 kgs)
840 lbs.
(382 kgs)




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River City Piston Bins are found in the U.S.A. and around the World

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